We use: Smartos  pfSENSE bayoda  Notes OrientDB


is the horse power Cloud Operating System we use for all our Systems. We have a long standing knowledge on Solaris(c) based systems and we today use SmartOS as the stable solution for our bayoda Backup System, Website Hosting, Virtual Machine Hosting. We rely on this extraordinary opens source technology which uses ZFS as the stable filesystem, Dtrace for analytics, KVM for "Alien OS" virtualisation  and  of course kernel based virtualisation build into the core operating system.


The most outstanding Open Source Firewall we have found so far, on pfSense we are working togehter with a partner in a country where "Roo's" hoping around


Our own Data Protection and Backup Service we developed over years for  business data protection. Find out more on

Lotus Notes:

Started with Lotus Notes 4.5 over 15 years ago on the so called "Domino" Server we did most of our development business on this outstanding technology.


Just as Lotus Notes - OrientDB gives you the power of Java in combination with a Document style Database that perfectly integrates in our upcoming new storage technology.